10 best figma plugins in 2023


As a UI/UX designer, you have great options like Sketch, Adobe XD, Marvel, Proto.io, etc. However, recently, a tool significantly gained popularity in the design community due to its user-friendliness. This tool is Figma, which has quickly become a favourite in the designer community, developing a userbase of 4 million!

Just like the tool’s reputation, its journey is also one of a kind. Check out the graph below to see how it grew so big after five years of almost no revenue!


What are Figma Plugins?


Before we tell you what our top figma plugins are, let’s just quickly understand what Figma Plugins are, in case you didn’t know. 

Figma plugins are software or tools that you can employ on Figma and FigJam to make your work easier. Are you asking us how? 

They help you speed up your workflow and get things done in considerably less time. Additionally, you can tailor your own unique experience and design more streamlined processes with these tools.

Top Figma Plugins 2023


Our favourite flowchart plugin for Figma

What’s the first thing we need for developing any project? If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably need flowcharts to arrange your design elements. Why? So you can understand better how your users will move through your designs and accomplish their goals. So that’s what we’re going to begin our list of top figma plugins that we love. 

  1. Autoflow 


We love Autoflow Figma plugin since it streamlines the process of making user flows. This easy-to-use tool allows you to stay within the Figma workspace while still using the familiar flowcharts to connect UI elements with one another. We’re not the only ones who love Autoflow, and you can tell from the 442K downloads it has! 


  • With Autoflow in Figma, drawing lines happens automatically. Whenever the plugin is active, just choose two elements and watch a line will be drawn between them.
  • To keep your Figma canvas clear, autoflow lines always select the quickest route and curve only when required.
  • Lines would never be drawn over your creations since Autoflow will intelligently avoid elements on the canvas.
  • So you want lines and arrows to express force touch, swipes, happy or sad routes, edge cases, and so on as you use them to connect the components in a flow? Autoflow provides configurable line styles to depict a variety of connections.

Wireframe plugins that will change the game

So you have a flowchart; now, the next step is creating a wireframe. A wireframe is a graphic representation of a website’s or an app’s underlying structure. As we know, there are two types of wireframes, namely lo-fi and hi-fi. 


Wondering what plugins can help you make wireframes quickly and easily? Our designers swear by the two below:

  1. Wireframe


Stunning wireframes result in stunning designs, and Wireframe Figma Plugin creates beautiful wireframes, user flows, prototypes, and foundational structures. The Wireframe has over 370K downloads, which won’t surprise you when you experience its simplicity and ease to use. If these perks weren’t impressive, all of this comes at no cost at all!


  • Thanks to the creative commons license, you get free access to a vast collection of wireframe libraries.
  • The files are in SVG format. This means you can modify them as you please and use them for any wireframing or prototyping tasks.
  • Guess what our favourite part is? It comes with 350+ custom-built graphics/cards for various uses with multiple online and mobile features, interactions, and deployments.
  • You’re going to find Figma’s Wireframe convenient and simple because there will be no need for uploading or utilizing additional files.
  1. Wire box


If you need another alternative for creating wireframes, check out Wire Box. This addon is also pretty easy to work with, which is why it has 46K+ downloads from the Figma community. An additional perk to this tool is that it also comes with funky pink aesthetics, which means you’re going to love working on your next Figma wireframe.


  • It allows a one-click process to reduce high-fi designs to their underlying lo-fi wireframes.
  • It shifts the emphasis from the interface to the actual functionality of the product for the user.

Our choice for the best icon plugin for Figma

Icons are fun! They make designs appealing. But they are also a necessary element of any user interface design. Let’s say there were no icons on a website. You might know where to and what to click to navigate a certain task, but how unreal would the design be?

While you may think of designing each icon on your own, that will be quite time-consuming. Plus, why would you do that when Figma has some great icon plugins? Choose your best icon plugin for figma from our three favourites:

  1.  Content Reel


Contributed by Microsoft, we rate this as the best icon plugin figma.  It has excellent icons, images, avatars, and text strings. This plugin flaunts a whopping 517K downloads, making it extremely popular in the rest of Figma’s designer community too.


  • You can easily access existing compilations of text strings, pictures, and icons by browsing the libraries or searching the database.
  • You can always add text and custom graphic elements if you can’t find what you’re looking for from the available material.
  • When you add customize elements, you can keep them for your private use or share them with the world.
  • Use up to 20 JPEGs or PNGs to make images for your content.
  • Add a shortcut on your Figma design page so you can get what Content Reel offers anytime.
  • Modify your designs in any way you want by dragging and dropping icons.
  • Toggle on instant access for any type of content with a single click.
  1. Iconify


We love Iconify because it provides a database of over 100,000 icons! With 1.4 million downloads, this plugin has to be one of the most popular ones in the community. 

What’s there not to love when you have so many options? All you have to do with it is choose the icons you like most and insert them as vectors with a single click.


  • All these 100,000 icons come from a hundred free icon libraries!
  • You can create standard icons with Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Feather Icons, DashIcons, Noto Emoji, EmojiOne, and several other open-source icon sets.
  • It dynamically creates SVG using the Iconify API script as an icon search engine. So you get icons on demand for various components.
  • Got a great icon collection? Host it using the Iconify API for PHP.
  • The library databases are updated automatically three times every week.

Don’t ignore spelling with these spell-check plugins

Now you wouldn’t want to ruin all the hardwork of designing a website or application with a few spelling errors, would you? Nor do we, which is why we always use some good spellcheck tools. 

With spell check plugins, you can quickly identify typos, remove grammar mistakes, and replace a misspelt word with the right one in Figma. 

Here are our two top figma plugins for spell check to ensure accurate spelling in your Figma design:

  1. Spelll


Love how you can correct your spelling with ease on Google docs?

Well, Spelll addon makes Figma and FigJam capable of checking spellings just like that. You can correct any spelling mistakes with a simple click. Over 118K Figma users have downloaded Spelll to free their projects from mundane spelling errors, and you should too!


  • Finds any mistake on your Figma canvas on the go with ease as Spelll highlights them to bring them to your notice.
  • You can get suggested alterations for spelling errors, which you can accept or decline.
  • Get more options for replacing words by clicking three dots next to the button to accept the alteration.
  1. SpellCheck


SpellCheck is an excellent alternative addon for Figma if you want to verify your words and spellings. Using different languages in Figma? Well, SpellCheck can take care of that too! No wonder the SpellCheck userbase is quickly growing, with currently 11.2K downloads in the Figma community.


  • It offers quick identification of spelling errors by highlighting mistakes. 
  • Supports ten languages for checking spellings, including English (UK/US), Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and Greek.
  • It will even detect any ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text, so you don’t forget to replace any dummies in the design.
  • With SpellCheck, there’s easy spelling correction for every text layer with an option to select each separately. 
  • In addition to checking to spell, it scans for extra white space and grammar for fluency and readability.
  • It comes in enticing and convenient formats with support for dark themes and compact viewing.

It’s an era of 3D rendering!

2D drawings are cool, but we all know 3D rendering is a must for great designs these days. Our designers have been using some great 3D rendering plugins to give every design the extra depth they’ve lacked easily. 

Some of the best figma plugins for design systems add-ons offer capabilities to create great mockups with 3D rendering to visualize the frames as they will be displayed in real-time. Here are our top two choices:

  1. Vectary 3D


How would you like to create 3D drawings or illustrations and then import them into Figma with just a click? Could it be that easy? With Vectary 3D, it can be!

The Vectary 3D plugin provides access to an extensive collection of 3D images for testing and creating prototypes of your ideas on various devices and objects. Vectary 3D boasts its popularity with 379K downloads.


  • You can manipulate life-like 3D pieces and even set the orientation in the 3D viewport before dropping it into the frame.
  • It offers an ever-growing library of mockups and 3D elements ready to use. 
  • You don’t have to use ready-to-use images. You can even upload your own. 
  • Figma’s pre-made 3D mockups for gadgets, desktops, and even Coke cans make it easy to see your designs before starting the development process.
  • Want to collaborate? Just provide a Vectary link and let the designers choose the viewpoint they find most helpful as they work.
  1. Artboard Studio Mockups


Artboard Studio Mockups is our second favourite 3D rendering plugin. If you want to animate along the way, this could be your choice! 

Over 249K users have given Artboard Studio Mockups a try to make design systems easier. It offers easy creation of 3D components with real-time rendering and can prove to be the best animation plugin for figma for your use. 


  • It provides an infinite canvas to keep all the elements in one space.
  • You can use a simple timeline editor to create stunning animations while you work on design systems.
  • You can animate anything by dragging it along a predefined vector path. Additionally, it loads animations instantly in the browser. 
  • It supports importing media, such as music, and playing back in real-time while rendering your creations.
  • The automatic layout system guarantees that you no longer have to do manual resizing. Simply alter the artboard size to see the layout adjust instantly.
  • Artboard Studio Mockups comes with a fantastic online mockup generator featuring a collection of over 10,000 mockup elements and layouts.
  • You can edit images by duplicating, distorting, and blending one or more items.
  • Using the provided control points, you can even warp and perspective-shift your video and still photos to your heart’s content.
  • The mockups are completely adaptable because of their layered structure.
  1. UIHUT


Enjoy easy access to over 20,000 design materials made available via this awesome Figma plugin. Over 22K community members have tried and tested UIHUT, which offers excellent web templates, 3D elements, illustrations, Icons, and more.


  • It is a fully-editable UI kit that you can quickly browse, copy, and paste into your Figma project.
  • UIHUT has a library of 3000+ illustrations, web templates, mobile app kits, and 2000+ web app kits.
  • You can choose from more than 500 easy-to-copy and paste pre-made 3D assets.
  • A complete solution for designers as UIHUT even has more than 9000 icons to use.

Bonus: HTML Conversion Plugin

Designing web pages with figma is not a typical necessity. But wouldn’t it be great to have a tool to export your design as HTML and then connect it to additional assets like photos and CSS files? 

We suggest using one of the best plugins for HTML in figma to convert your designs into HTML, the HTML Generator.

HTML generator


We agree that the process of HTML generation is time-consuming, and still, we think the HTML generator is the best figma to HTML plugin. Let us give you two reasons for it: 

Once – it converts your choices into HTML and will provide you with ready-to-copy HTML.

Two – it will also give you the associated CSS, upon which you can create the architecture of your future website. 

The HTML generator has 85.4K downloads, which shows how popular this tool is among users. 


  • You can verify the displayed HTML in real time with the previewer.
  • It allows several frames, components, or groups to be rendered simultaneously. The latest update adds the capability to render objects as a group on Figma.
  • It provides CSS with embedded images as base64, and you can use your standard copy and paste methods to copy the CSS.
  • You get 30 free renders per device before buying a subscription to render infinite rendering.

Despite these features, we know from experience that HTML generator is not very easy to use. However, you can use it as a base to get started and refine as you go!

How To Use Figma Plugins?

To use Figma plugins, you will need to select the top Figma plugins and install them. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Figma account and select the explore community option. 
  2. Choose plugins and search for the right plugin for you.
  3. You can install it by pressing the install button on the right.

Once you’ve installed it, you can use it in the file or run them on a PC from the file menu.

Are you a UI beginner looking for the best figma course to learn to create designs? Check out this fantastic Dribbble’s Introduction to UI Design Course.


That wraps up our roundup of the top Figma plugins that may enhance your designs and save you time. These plugins perform basic functions but are helpful as they save time. A great Figma plugin is defined by the great features suitable to your requirements. An expert can help you make the most of these plugins with their professional experience in UI and UX designing, further cutting down the development time and resources. 

Want to hire a UI/UX designing expert? Anglara has a fantastic team that can create aesthetically appealing or responsive designs for your next web or mobile app project. Set up a consultation with one of our experts through our website.